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Photo by Brittany Juravich
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A green-eyed bug peeks out from behind pink flower petals in Negresti Oas, Romania

Picture: Remus Tiplea / Barcroft Media (via Pictures of the day: 8 September 2014 - Telegraph) b a d c

100% ART
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Lights Out b a d c

Normally we don’t get involved with private affairs, but the continued outpouring of grief, praise, remembrance, and love for Robin Williams we’ve seen on Tumblr has been staggering. He gave his gifts selflessly, and was a beacon of sorts to those of us who had a weird time figuring out how our energies and talents fit into the world.
Remember, if you’re struggling, there’s help. We love ya, Tumblr.
And goodbye, Robin. We love you, too.  b a d c

“Life is beautiful. Really, it is. Full of beauty and illusions. Life is great. Without it, you’d be dead.”
Gummo (1997) dir. Harmony Korine b a d c

This forest is filled with ghosts | Source b a d c
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Fujian fisherman drives off with catch, a 2000kg whale shark.
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